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Car Scrap Loughborough - Vehicle Disposal & Car Breakers – Call us on 01509 833 187

Right here at Car Scrap Loughborough, we're specialists in car recycle and vehicle disposal so it's possible to be assured that lawfully and environmentally friendly it is all totally taken care of. We are experts in recycling cars and vehicles and will supply you with the documentation and paperwork that you'll require making certain that you are safely covered and protected. We will present you with:

  • A Certificate of legally recycled car
  • A Certificate of destruction with DVLA
Receive cash for your scrap car

We dispose of most vehicles including:

We are an exceptionally professional and specialised company with our own very well known car collection and vehicle disposal company covering the region of Loughborough as well as a twenty mile distance from the city centre. We are normally capable of supplying you with a cash payment (dependent upon the make and condition of the vehicle) - give us a call today on 01509 833 187 to explore this in more detail. In the event that we're not able to provide you with a cash payment option - we're able to typically collect and dispose of your vehicle or car with no related expense to you personally.

Car Scrap Loughborough
Car Scrap Loughborough
Car Scrap Loughborough